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Habitat for Humanity does all it can to ensure the safety of our volunteers. In addition to the safety briefing at the start of the day, a volunteer safety manual and a fully-stocked first aid kit are always available on-site. Volunteers should read our Construction Safety Guide prior to on-site work.

Before joining us for the first time, take the free volunteer training below:

Free On-Line Volunteer Training

This volunteer course presents detailed information on a wide range of common safety risks found on and around the jobsite. From the tasks volunteers typically perform to safety hazards and more, the course provides thorough training that can educate volunteers before they even arrive on the construction site.

  1. Go to and follow these steps:
  2. Enter W8NAEBTG in the Employee Access Code box.
  3. Click the Submit button
  4. Select the appropriate course from the course catalog such as the following:
    • Volunteering On A Habitat for Humanity Job Site
    • Back Safety
    • Fall Safety
    • Ladder Safety
    • Portable Power Tool Safety
    • Restore Safety and Loss Control for Volunteers
  5. Course loads and starts automatically.
  6. Watch and listen carefully!
  7. When the presentation has ended, you’ll be prompted to take a quiz.
  8. Click the green square icon to begin the quiz. Scores 70% and above pass the
  9. When finished, you’ll be given an accuracy score, indicating Pass or Fail (HFHNCM staff do not have access to scores).
  10. If you Pass, you will be directed to a course completion screen.
  11. If you Fail, we encourage you to log in again and retake the course.
  12. On the course completion screen, enter your first and last names in the appropriate fields. In the Location field, enter – Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts – followed by the state.

Thank you for taking the Volunteer Training Course!

Information regarding the online safety training courses can also be found here: Online Safety Training Course Instructions

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