House for House

Community is not necessarily defined by geography

House for a House Tithing Program

Sometimes, it is defined by common experience, and sometimes by the simple desire to share with those in need, regardless of where they live. A sense of global community within Habitat for Humanity is built by our own tithe — the sharing of a portion of our resources to support Habitat’s work in other countries.

HFHNCM has participated in the House for a House tithing program for a number of years. Each time we complete a house here in north central Massachusetts, we send $4,200.00, (the average cost of a Habitat home in the United States) to Habitat affiliates in developing nations. Those affiliates, in turn, keep us up to date on their progress through newsletters and personal updates from the staff. It is a great way for us here in Massachusetts to make connections with people half a world away and to act on our belief that everyone deserves a decent, safe and affordable home.

According to the biblical principle, tithing is not something you do after you have satisfied all the needs and desires of your own household, community or nation. Tithing is giving back to God in faith that your own needs will be provided for. Affiliates of every size can build on their success, energize and rejuvenate their work and make a global impact through tithing.

– Habitat for Humanity International