Habitat NCM 25

Community Liaisons

Habitat NCM 25 Comprised of representatives from each of our 25 communities, members serve as liaisons between their communities and Habitat for Humanity North Central Massachusetts. The Habitat NCM 25 helps increase awareness of the services Habitat provides through connections with community leaders, corporate partners, construction professionals/suppliers, civic organizations, congregations, employers, schools, etc.

The Habitat NCM 25 is the community’s contact for residents in need of critical home Repairs; they help start the Local Planning Committee during new home construction; assist Habitat in locating potential home building sites and with fundraising events.

You have someone in your community to contact who will help the community partner with Habitat for Humanity to:

• Change the lives of families forever
• Have families experience pride and responsibility of home ownership
• Have children thrive living in secure, well-built homes, neighborhoods are revitalized and improved when committed homeowners have safe and secure homes
• Have communities benefit by increasing affordable housing
• Have volunteers and donors experience pride and solidarity by accomplishing worthwhile goals.

Having those in your community part of Habitat NCM 25 helps your community build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter.

NCM 25